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Living our vision inside and outside of our building. 

Our Vision, Mission and Values

We Take Care of Our Own

Since the beginning, we’ve been driven by one vision: We Take Care of Our Own. It’s why NCMIC was started in the first place. A company started by chiropractors for chiropractors. That vision doesn’t mean much unless our employees believe it — and they do. They will always do what they can to help our doctors. They will also always do whatever they can to help each other. Because We Take Care of Our Own applies to our customers, our co-workers and our community.

We live that vision through our mission to provide insurance and financial products that are coupled with unwavering dedication to our customers.

Our philosophy has always been that NCMIC underwrites coverage for chiropractors who hold an active chiropractic license, regardless of how they choose to practice, as long as they adhere to the laws of their respective state; provides funding for research projects investigating the efficacy of chiropractic care; and supports all of the chiropractic educational institutions with resources for students’ success and institutional development.

Our Values are the Foundation for Our Vision and Mission

Each of us is committed to:

Customer Service

See how NCMIC cares.

We Take Care of Our Own Means Our Employees, Too.

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