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Letter from Our President

When we opened our doors in 1946 as National Chiropractic Insurance Company, we had one mission and one mission only: to provide chiropractors with malpractice insurance. 

Over the years, it became clear that to truly support our customers, we needed to offer additional products and services to help doctors do more. Frankly, we want to help all DCs do better, whether NCMIC is their insurer, or not. As the profession grows, assuming its rightful position, and the public comes to understand how chiropractic can improve their health in ways they don’t yet know, all DCs will win. Serving our stakeholders shows “We Take Care of Our Own®” every day. These are a few of the things we do to help move the profession forward.

Starting Into Practice®

We are fortunate to have a number of excellent schools that teach students to be successful Doctors of Chiropractic. In 2019 the Starting Into Practice program was expanded to support the 2,500 students graduating from chiropractic colleges each year. This free program brings together conversation, actionable information, campus ambassadors, and advisors to prepare students for a successful career after graduation.

Strengthening the Profession

Did you know that our Corporate Relations team is on the road year-round to support the profession? We spend a lot of time on campuses and in classrooms giving students information that will help them succeed after they graduate. This is such a high priority we’ve added a new team member to expand our capacity in 2020. We are busy off campus as well. Our Speakers Bureau is available to present to associations, trade events and on campuses. The roster of speakers includes DCs and other professionals who are experts in a variety of topics of interest to both the profession and the communities where we live and work.

Helping You Do More

When we were founded 74 years ago, our sole focus was providing DCs with malpractice insurance. As the profession grew, it became clear we could strengthen our support by thinking holistically of the needs of a DC over his or her lifetime. This led us to develop products and services to empower a successful career. The NCMIC family of companies now offer business insurance, long term disability insurance, equipment financing, working capital loans, a business credit card and merchant processing to help you do more, with fewer touchpoints – all provided by an organization you know and trust to have your back.

Investing in Leadership

Our seasoned leadership team brings valuable experience at every level of the business. With their guiding voices, we are positioned to do more, and do better, for our most important partners: you. This includes attracting and retaining top talent and creating a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the people we serve.

Our People are Everything

Of course, being recognized as one of Des Moines’s top places to work is an honor, but more importantly, it is indicative of the pride our employees feel being part of something special – working with and for you. When people feel respected and appreciated, and know they’re doing good work for a mission they believe in, “work” means more than just a paycheck, and it shows.

I can state with confidence that everyone at NCMIC is working hard to continue to provide you with the protection and resources you need to go confidently into the new decade. We strive to improve our products and services to help you do more, in your practice and in your life, and that will continue, year after year, because your success is our focus.

On behalf of myself, the board, and the employees of NCMIC, thank you for allowing us to serve you.

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We Take Care of Our Own Means Our Employees, Too.

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