Malpractice Insurance Checklist

Our convenient checklist will help you pinpoint the areas where you and your practice can minimize risk.

It's easy to assume that lawsuits only arise from major mistakes and negligence. But the truth is, malpractice cases often stem from simple oversights and common errors that could be prevented.

Now you can quickly pinpoint your practice’s malpractice challenges with this convenient “10-Point Risk Checklist.” It’s an easy guideline to help you evaluate your current procedures and implement simple solutions to dramatically lower your risk of a lawsuit.

1. Do you have a standard procedure for evaluating new patients?
2. Do you regularly use informed consent forms?
3. Is your practice HIPAA compliant?
4. Do you check your state board's regulations?
5. Do you use written letters of notification when deciding not to treat a patient?
6. Do you consistently create patient records at the time of treatment?
7. Do you review patient records before treatment?
8. Are new techniques closely monitored when implemented in your practice?
9. Does your bedside manner put patients at ease?
10. Do you have a standard procedure for billing—including a standardized collection letter?

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