2023 in Review From Active Shooters to Case Studies


Join us on a journey through 2023 as we revisit the most impactful and insightful moments of Chiropractical. Host Mike Whitmer and special guest Dr. Jon Kec take you on a retrospective adventure, highlighting key discussions that shaped the chiropractic world this past year.

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This episode is packed with invaluable insights. We tackle critical issues like active shooter preparedness, opioids, mental health, and the future of telemedicine in chiropractic care.

Dive into discussions about claims management, effective practice operations, and hear from top experts who are redefining chiropractic care. Plus, don't miss out on our look at the evolving landscape of chiropractic medicine and how it impacts both practitioners and patients.

Tune in now for an enlightening recap and prepare to be inspired. Let's gear up for another remarkable year of Chiropractical!

Episode notes:


Year in Review: Key Highlights

Claims and Practice Management

Financial and Legal Aspects

Future of Chiropractic

Closing Thoughts

For more details and to listen to the full conversations, check out the individual episodes linked in our show notes. Stay tuned for more insightful episodes in the coming year!

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