Small Patients, Big Records: Documenting Care for Kids

NEW: Small Patients, Big Records: Documenting Care for Kids


Discover the crucial aspects of pediatric chiropractic care in our latest podcast episode. Mike Whitmer and chiropractor Dr. Jenny Brocker delve into the legal and safety considerations of treating pediatric patients. From meticulous documentation to navigating informed consent and handling custody issues, this episode provides expert insights to ensure a successful and legally sound pediatric chiropractic practice.

In this episode of Chiropractical, we're talking about pediatric patients, discussing the unique challenges and responsibilities that come with treating children. We explore the importance of maintaining good records, navigating informed consent, and dealing with custody issues in pediatric chiropractic care.

In this episode, Mike Whitmer is joined by Dr. Jenny Brocker, an experienced chiropractor and mother, who brings her expertise to the table. Dr. Brocker sheds light on the legal and safety aspects of pediatric chiropractic care, emphasizing the need for meticulous documentation. Pediatric patients often require communication with guardians or parents, making record-keeping a critical part of the process.

The conversation touches on the nuances of informed consent, especially when dealing with infants or young children who cannot provide consent themselves. Dr. Brocker explains the importance of keeping both parents and guardians informed and ensuring they are comfortable with the treatment approach.

For doctors looking to venture into the realm of pediatric care, Dr. Brocker provides insights into conducting participation physicals for student athletes. The discussion covers the associated risks, documentation requirements, and the variation in state laws regarding pediatric patient rights.

The episode also explores record retention rules and the age at which pediatric patients can request their records. Dr. Brocker clarifies how custody issues between parents are handled, offering guidance on legal protection in these situations.

Join us in this insightful episode as we navigate the complex terrain of pediatric chiropractic care with Dr. Jenny Brocker. Whether you're an experienced practitioner or considering treating pediatric patients for the first time, this episode has something for everyone.

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