Talking Patient Apps with Dr. Guy Riekeman

Your Staff Can Make or Break Your Practice

Your Staff Can Make or Break Your Practice

Have you had a negative experience when setting up an appointment? Or felt uncomfortable in an office waiting area? A good patient experience is key to a happy, healthy practice. Let's talk about it.

An American Express study says 56% of people tell others about a poor customer service experience, and they tell 33% more people about a negative experience than they do a positive one. What does that mean for you? Having an employee with a bad attitude in the front office can really affect the patient’s experience, and that can have a negative impact your bottom line.

Expert Kim Klapp has been training and coaching practice staff for nearly thirty years. She’s seen and heard it all, and she’s giving us the dirt. In this episode of Chiropractical, she and Mike Whitmer talk about ways chiropractic assistants can make a negative impression on patients even before they come in the door, and how doctors can coach and train their staff to do better for everyone’s benefit.

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