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Coronavirus and its effect on our day-to-day activities continues to evolve rapidly. From how to talk to patients who want to cancel appointments to a sharable flyer for your office, we’ve developed a number of resources to help you handle the impact on your practice, staff and patients.

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COVID-19 Informed Consent Form (PDF)

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We are bringing together NCMIC sources, and experts in the broader field, to lead webinars discussing topics that are relevant to you in this historic time. 

Note: At this time, our free webinars are not eligible for continuing education (CE) credits. 

Past Recordings Resources
NCMIC Leadership Discusses COVID-19
The Swiftly Changing Telehealth Environment Telehealth Supplement (PDF)
Seeing Patients in the Time of COVID-19

Konarski-Hart Practice Plan (PDF)

Are You Ready (PDF)

Crisis Communication Plan (PDF)

How Your State Association Can Help -- Lizz Klein of COCSA
Mental Health Support for Your Patients (and you) COVID-19 Stress Management Tips (PDF)
HIPAA Matters During Coronavirus Crisis HIPAA Handout (PDF)
Malpractice Defense in the Time of COVID-19
NCMIC Leadership Team Update
Chiropractic for a World in Crisis

Nicole Ingrando Slides and Notes (PDF)

Chiropractic for a World in Crisis Fucinari Notes (PDF)

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State Resources

Stay up to date on what's happening in your state. 

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For additional trusted resources about the coronavirus, we recommend these websites. We will monitor and update the list as the situation evolves.

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