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Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance Policy Features

Malpractice policy features and options tailored to the chiropractic industry.

Malpractice insurance (also known as medical professional liability insurance or medical malpractice insurance) policy features and options tailored to the chiropractic industry.

Premium Dividend

When you handle risk well, you deserve to be rewarded. That’s why we’ve given our policyholders an annual premium dividend for 24 years running.

Continuing Education Seminars

Earn a 5% discount* on 3 years of malpractice insurance by completing 8 hours of approved continuing education (CE) seminars and/or online courses. 

CE Courses & Seminars

Malpractice Insurance Coverage Types for Chiropractors

Claims-Made Policy

A Claims-made policy provides coverage for claims involving alleged incidents that both occurred and were reported while the policy was active.

Occurrence-Based Policy 

Occurrence coverage spans the policy year, regardless of when the claim is reported.

Tail Coverage

Malpractice insurance tail coverage allows claims to be reported for an unlimited time, as long as the alleged incident occurred on or after the retroactive date but before the termination of the policy.

Occurrence vs. Claims-Made Malpractice Policies

Occurrence-based malpractice and claims-made malpractice policies have several key differences, including differences in how and when the coverage is triggered. When it comes to claims-made vs occurrence malpractice insurance, which coverage is right for you? These factors will help you decide – and of course, you can always call us with questions.

Audit and Legal Defense Endorsement for Chiropractors

Available at No Additional Charge

This endorsement includes defense coverage for:

  • Wrongful Billing and Related Proceedings (including private health insurance company billing audits)
  • State Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Civil Sexual Misconduct Allegations
  • HIPAA and Privacy Related Proceedings
  • Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Review

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