Occurrence Coverage for Chiropractors

This type of policy provides coverage for the policy year, regardless of when the claim is reported.


Say you had occurrence coverage from January 2019 through December of 2019, but let your occurrence coverage lapse beginning in January 2020. In February 2020, you receive a claim for an incident that occurred in August 2019. Even though you didn’t have occurrence coverage when the claim was officially filed, you’re covered because the incident happened when you did have active coverage.

Coverage Differences

Occurrence and Claims-Made

There is no difference in the kind of injury or damage covered; the difference is how and when coverage is triggered.

  • The occurrence policy offers a steady base premium that does not increase with maturity.

    Provides coverage for claims of alleged incidents that occur while your policy is active. The claim can be reported at any time in the future, even if the policy has cancelled. Coverage is available at the limits of liability, terms and conditions in effect at the time of the alleged incident.

  • The claims-made policy provides coverage for claims of alleged incidents that both occur and are reported on or after the retroactive date and before the policy terminates. (The retroactive date is the first day claims-made coverage begins.)

    Claims-made coverage is triggered when both:

    1. The alleged incident occurs on or after the policy's retroactive date and before the policy terminates.
    2. A written claim is reported during the current policy period or during the basic reporting extension period 30-60 days following termination of your policy.

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