Choosing a business credit card for benefits and perks can be helpful for your business.

Why You Should Consider a Credit Card for Your Business

Business credit cards can offer doctors valuable rewards and cardholder benefits.

Getting a business credit card can be a great financial move for your practice. Whether you’ve had one before, or want a credit card for a new business, business credit cards offer several advantages. Here are 10 reasons you should consider getting one for your practice.

Business Credit Card Benefits

1. Keeps Your Business and Personal Expenses Separate

Experts recommend practice owners avoid combining business and personal finances. Getting a credit card that is used only for practice expenses makes this much easier. If it’s on your business credit card statement, you know it was for a practice-related purchase. Period.

2. Easier to Track Practice Expenses

When you use a business credit card, you have one place that your practice expenses are running through. This makes it easy to see how much you’re spending – and how often – for various items.

3. More Purchasing Power

Having a business credit card could give you more buying power, since you’d have separate limits for personal and business purchases.

4. Reward Programs

Looking for the best business credit card rewards? There are several outstanding programs to choose from and compare. Look for sign-up bonuses so you’ll have a multitude of reward points right off the bat. Check out the available rewards. Typical options include travel rewards, cash back (often as a statement credit), merchandise, gift cards and more. Make sure to do your research before opening an account — the best business rewards credit card for small businesses may be different than rewards for large businesses or corporations.

5. Favorable Terms

Business credit cards often offer higher limits than personal credit cards. You can also find a special introductory APR of 0% for a limited time with many business credit card types. Make sure you compare interest rates, as they will vary from card to card. In addition, some cards charge an annual fee while others do not.

6. Additional Perks

Many credit card companies offer business cardholders additional benefits. These may include car rental insurance, identity theft protection, travel accident insurance, travel assistance, and zero liability for unauthorized charges. Other benefits may include discounts for business software, as well as discount programs for select vendors.

7. Increase Cash Flow in Your Business

Cash flow — or lack thereof — is a common challenge in many small businesses. Using a business credit card for purchases instead of cash can help. Items you would typically need to pay cash for right away can be put on your business credit card, giving you additional time to pay for it.

8. Simplifies Employee Purchases

It’s not uncommon for employees to occasionally purchase things for a practice. (Maybe your office manager ran to Costco for more bottled water or to buy a cake for an employee or practice celebration.)

When that happens, you have to reimburse the employee for these purchases. With a credit card specifically for your practice, there’s no need. They can use the practice card. Many business credit card companies will issue additional cards for employees at no additional cost.

9. Helps Build Your Business Credit

As a small business owner, it’s important to establish good credit so you can be successful and accomplish your goals for the future. When you use your business credit card responsibly, you have the potential to increase your credit score.

10. Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Personal Credit

Many business owners wonder if business credit cards affect personal credit. Generally, business credit card applications require a personal guaranty. When the issuer pulls your credit (called a hard credit check), it will appear on your credit report as an inquiry. Depending on the card, the issuer may or may not report card activity to the credit bureaus. If they do, it could have a positive impact on your score or negative one, depending on your account. As with any credit card, it’s wise to make your payments on time, every time, and avoid high balances.

A business credit card can be a great financial tool for your practice. With so many options available, you should have no trouble finding one that fits your needs — we have several to choose from with varying reward levels and benefits. It’s always a good idea to talk with your accountant or financial advisor and get their input.

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