Earn Business Card Reward Points & Save Money

Are you leveraging the reward points from your business card effectively? One of the most important perks of the NCMIC MilesAway MasterCard is the rewards program where you can redeem your points for gift cards, air travel, hotels and merchandise – all things that can benefit you and help offset your other business expenses.

So how do you earn more rewards points from your business card? Use your credit card, of course. Think of all the ways you can use your card to support you and your business ...

  • Fill up your car. You use your car to drive to the office, so it makes sense to purchase gasoline with your credit card.
  • Purchase break room supplies. Toilet paper, paper towels, fruit, plastic spoons and forks, napkins, coffee, creamer … It’s likely all in your break room and when you use your credit card to stock these office necessities, you accumulate valuable reward points.
  • Register for conferences. There are a number of reasons for you and your staff to take advantage of educational opportunities and using your credit card ensures you also get reward points.
  • Other travel expenses.  Use your card when you're away on business for hotels, restaurants and other necessary expenses. 
  • Pay professional membership fees or practice bills. Don’t send in a paper check, use your credit card and reap the rewards.
  • Buy office technologies such as a printer, iPad or computer. The need to keep current with technology increases each year. If you have to invest in one or two pieces of equipment, why not earn reward points too?

Now that we have established there are many places you can use your business card to make essential purchases for your practice, think about how you can use the reward points to save money. As you accumulate points, you can in turn use them to offset other business expenses.  

Using Reward Points

You may choose to redeem points earned for airfare to continuing education conferences.  With the right reward platform that offers gift cards, you could purchase office supplies and technologies online or from places like Staples or other department stores.

Do you have small office updates in mind?  Gift cards from Home Depot or Lowes may be an option to complete a project.  Is there an exceptional employee or office manager you've been meaning to reward?  Maybe it's time to use those points earned for merchandise or a night out using a restaurant gift card.  

There are so many options for using your rewards card to offset typical business expenses, but equally important is being smart about what business rewards card you select from the start.  Pick one where you can maximize your rewards. Be leery of  special "double or triple point" promotions or large annual fee cards that can quickly offset the value of your rewards.   

If you're determining what business reward card to use or reconsidering whether your current card offers you maximum rewards, take a close look at NCMIC's MilesAway MasterCard with one of the richest reward programs around and no annual fee.

Whatever your business card, reward yourself and redeem your points.  You've earned it!

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