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Make a Lasting Impact with a Gift to the NCMIC Foundation

Thinking about how to allocate your year-end giving? Consider the NCMIC Foundation to help further chiropractic research and education.

In today’s challenging health care environment, ongoing research is necessary to demonstrate the effectiveness, safety and cost efficiency of chiropractic and alternative health care. 

It’s why in 2003, NCMIC founded the NCMIC Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. Since then, the Foundation has collaborated with organizations, institutions and doctors worldwide to fund education and chiropractic research that is comprehensive, as well as far-reaching.

The Foundation has supported DCs who have pursued or are pursuing fellowships and advanced degrees from more than two dozen universities. Areas of expertise include biomechanics, rehabilitation, epidemiology, pediatrics, neurosciences, biomedical/public health, health policy/economics, communication/instructional design, research methods, health care, social science and other complementary and alternative care.

“The NCMIC Foundation has been very diligent in supporting clinically trained DCs in their quest to become academically trained research clinicians at the masters and PhD level,” said Reed Phillips, DC, MSCM, PhD, and NCMIC Foundation executive director. “We have funded these individuals in a variety of fields pertinent to the practice of chiropractic such as rehabilitation sciences, public health, epidemiology, neuroscience, educational design and public policy.”

How You Can Help

The advancement of the chiropractic profession will be largely predicated on the quality and quantity of clinical, scientific and educational research. Your support of this research is essential to ensuring a viable future for chiropractic.

Your individual contribution enables the chiropractic and naturopathic professions to progress for years to come. We invite you to be a part of the future with a gift to the NCMIC Foundation. Simply visit to donate by year’s end. Your contribution may qualify as a charitable contribution for tax purposes in 2021.

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