What Happens in the Front Office Can Make or Break a Practice

Your practice staff interacts with your patients as much as, if not more than, you do. Their actions can have a huge impact on your success.

(Kim ran out of time so she kindly recorded the last five minutes of her presentation. You can find that here! )

As are the gatekeeper for new patients, referrals, retention and collections in a chiropractic office; CAs are truly the most valuable asset in your practice. They're the first person a patient meets when they come to you, whether it's on the phone, online or in person. Are they giving the impression you want them to give? 

Kim Klapp has seen a lot of "what not to dos" over her 30 year career. We talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly and what you can do to help your staff be your first-line defense attracting and keeping patients. 

About our speaker:

While managing First Choice Chiropractic since 1995, Kim Klapp has spoken for many chiropractic universities, colleges, companies and associations.

An author and coach, she founded Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence (A.C.E.) in 2000 which provides quality CA coaching and training via monthly online courses. Kim Klapp teaches chiropractic teams the most up-to-date techniques and communication strategies for generating more referrals, collections and patient compliance.

You can learn more about Kim and her coaching here

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