How do You Respond to Being Appreciated? It Feels Good, Right?

“Thank you.” These two little words can make a world of difference in marketing your practice. Sure, you say thanks for coming in as a patient leaves, but this isn't the only time you have the opportunity to let your patients know their importance to you and the success of your practice.

New Patient Follow Up

After a patient’s first visit, a handwritten note thanking her for choosing you to assist in her wellness goals can be a great way to show your appreciation. It also gives you the opportunity to include follow up instructions, encouragement to check out your social media and reminders of future appointments.

Make sure your note card or email includes information such as address, phone number, email and website address. If you choose to send a standard letter, be sure to hand-write a simple note at the bottom. This helps subtly reinforce that you value them individually.


Patients pay no higher compliment than when they refer a friend to your practice. Make sure you acknowledge that with a note to the referring patient. You can either do this with a handwritten note, or some practices preprint postcard acknowledging the referral and add a personalized note.

We Miss You

If it has been awhile since you’ve seen a patient, dropping them a line checking in shows you’re concerned about their continued well-being. This can be useful in maintaining a long-term relationship.  You can send the note via email or mail.

Seasonal/Holiday Best Wishes

Thanksgiving, Christmas or even a random holiday such as the Fourth of July are opportunities to connect with patients. Not only can you tell them how much you appreciate their business, but you can also share important information such as holiday hours, or specials on products you offer, or direct them to new information on your social media channels or website.

While a patient knows she feels better after treatment, sometimes that extra nudge is needed. It encourages her to pick up the phone and make the appointment. And, if that extra nudge authentically expresses how much you appreciate your patients, all the better.

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