Chiropractical Podcast - Let's Talk Patients

Let's Talk About Patients

Episode 2 is all about patients. Finding them, building relationships with them, and eventually, enlisting them to help grow your practice.

Finding Them and Keeping Them 

Joey Coleman has an interesting background, to say the least. After studying international relations in both undergrad and law school, he worked for the Secret Service, the White House and the CIA. He was a criminal defense lawyer, and a professor for an executive MBA program. He ran a division of a promotional products company, then started an ad agency. Five years ago, he became a full time professional speaker. 

Joey attributes his success to understanding what can be done to convince or persuade or influence people to do the things we'd like them to do. Join us as Joey helps us explore the importance of the first 100 days of a customer experience – and why a customer experience and customer service are completely different things.  

Dr. Sherry McAllister is a practicing chiropractor, an athlete, and the Executive Vice President of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, whose mission is to educate the general public about the value of chiropractic in their own lives. Dr. McAllister was studying medical research when she got into a car accident with a dog. Or, rather, an accident caused by a dog. As a result, she went through a period of her life when she was in so much pain she questioned her ability to continue her career. A friend introduced her to chiropractic and not only was she made well, but she changed course.  

Melissa asks Dr. McAllister about the connection between chiropractic and the 20(21) Olympics, how to build relationships with symbiotic care providers in your community, and Foundation resources available to help you make those connections.  

And, in our Ask NCMIC segment, attorney John Floyd addresses a question about documentation and what to be especially mindful of to help an attorney defend you should the need arise. 

Our Guests

Joey Coleman

For almost twenty years, Joey has helped organizations retain their best customers and turn them into raving fans via his entertaining and actionable keynotes, workshops, and consulting projects. He has a long history of energizing and motivating audiences to enhance their customers' experiences. He is an award-winning speaker (yes – they do have speaking contests) at both national and international conferences – competing against New York Times bestselling authors, business leaders, and internet sensations/celebrities. He is also the author of the #2 Wall Street Journal bestseller, Never Lose a Customer Again. Read more about him at

Dr. Sherry McAllister, DC, M.S. (Ed) CCSP

Dr. McAllister serves as the executive vice president for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, the national not-for-profit organization educating the public about the benefits of chiropractic care. She has been in practice since 1996. She is a graduate of Palmer West College of Chiropractic, the University of Calgary with a BS in Cellular, Molecular, and Microbial Biology and California State University with a Masters of Science degree in Education.

John Floyd, Esq.

John Floyd Sr. is a Wicker Smith partner based out of Nashville. He is a seasoned trial lawyer, having tried over 100 jury cases to verdict since 1990. The majority of his trials involve the defense of healthcare professionals and business/corporate entities. Additionally, Mr. Floyd represents health care professionals of all specialties before state health boards and administrative agencies in complaints against their license. Mr. Floyd's writing on medical malpractice and other legal issues has been published in various outlets including Footlights and APMA News.

Our Hosts

About Chick Herbert

Chick is Sr. Vice President of Enterprise Organizational Development. Chick has nearly 30 years of experience as an executive business leader, independent consultant, speaker and executive coach. He is the co-author of “It Begs the Question – Learn How the Best Managers Drive Performance Through Question-Centric Coaching.” Chick is a past board chair for Special Olympics Iowa and was recognized as the 2013 statewide volunteer of the year. He recently accepted a leadership role with Iowa Women Lead Change. Chick and his wife have three adult sons.

About Melissa Knutson

Melissa is Sr. Vice President – Insurance Operations. She’s been with NCMIC since January 2004. As an active part of the Greater Des Moines community, Melissa volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, United Way’s Grad Walk, and Meals from the Heartland, as well as serving on the Board of Trustees for EveryStep. She is the founder of Give Grace Give Hope, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to addressing period poverty in Central Iowa by providing menstrual products to local schools and nonprofits. Melissa and her husband have three daughters.

About Mike Whitmer

Mike Whitmer, Vice President of NCMIC's Chiropractic Insurance Programs, has more than 25 years' experience in the business world to share with D.C.s who are starting their chiropractic careers. By day, Mike leads the corporate relations team at NCMIC Group, Inc., teaching at chiropractic colleges about business practices and risk management, and attending trade shows and homecoming events. Mike is also the cofounder of a property management company and a restoration firm that have provided his "real world" experience on writing business plans and dealing with small business finance and operations. He is the board president of Children’s Cancer Connection, and on the board and executive committee of the National MS Society, Upper Midwest Chapter.

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