You're Ready to Give Back to Your Community, Where do you Start?

It always feels good to give back to the community you live and practice in. You get to do something positive for someone else, work with others toward a common goal and gain valuable perspective. So, once you've decided to take this step, how do you decide where to volunteer? It may be easier to decide when you consider the following:

1. What Are Your Passions?

When you’re passionate about what you’re doing, it’s easier to find the time do it, right? That’s true when it comes to volunteering.

Do you love dogs? Maybe you can lend a hand at your neighborhood shelter. Have you or a family member struggled with an illness? There’s likely a related organization that would welcome your help. If you like kids, volunteer at a local school or kids’ club. Maybe you want to share your love of reading or a sport by helping others hone their skills.

2. What is Your Availability?

Organizations need volunteers who show up when expected. So, think realistically about your typical daily, weekly and monthly schedule and what may work best for donating your time.

Are you available during the week after your practice closes? Or do you often run late and weekends would work better for you? Would you like to help at a one-time event or on an ongoing basis? Maybe your practice slows down during a certain time of year and you’d like to volunteer during that time. 

3. How Hands-On Do You Want to Be?

Some people like to take an active or role in volunteering, while others prefer to stay behind the scenes. Hopefully, your community has a wide variety of opportunities so you can choose what you’re comfortable with.

If you don’t have a lot of time, you could give monetary donations. See if you can sponsor a youth sports team or school trip. You may choose to work in the office of an organization. Or, if you want to be out and about among the community, the possibilities are endless.

4. What Are Specific Needs in Your Community?

Stay in tune with happenings in your area and focus your volunteer efforts accordingly.

Are you in a town with a large population of older people? Visit a local nursing home. Is a nearby animal shelter overflowing? See how you can help. Offer your time at an upcoming festival or local race. If you are good in stressful situations, sign up to offer support during a community crisis such as an apartment fire.

No matter how or where you choose to volunteer, you will never regret it. It benefits you, those you are helping and your entire community. Start giving back today!

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