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PR Isn't Just for Big Corporations; Practices Can Use Them Too

News releases are articles emailed to local media (newspapers, radio, TV and community websites) to share newsworthy information. The information can be about your practice, about chiropractic care, or your activities in the community.

Not everything is news. Think about your audience. You might think something is newsworthy, but will someone else find your story interesting? Announcing your practice’s opening is exciting for you but it’s likely not that exciting unless you’re the only chiropractic office for miles. Answer the question, "Why should anyone care?"

When writing a news release, think about information that appeals to your audience.

  • Is there something happening at your practice, health news to share or other health-related information that would be of interest to others?
  • Are you going to be speaking at an upcoming health event?
  • Can you offer a new point of view on a current topic of interest?

Your success with news releases depends on creating messages that have a good “hook” and are timely. Tying your news to current events, recent studies, trends and social issues brings relevance, urgency and importance to your message.

Where to Begin

When writing your news release, begin with a strong headline, followed by a first paragraph that includes the most important information. Typically, if a publication has limited space, they may only use that first paragraph. The rest of your news or press release should provide the details. 

Many successful PR folks suggest writing the article yourself – i.e., shaping the release in a way that the content can be lifted by a newspaper or magazine and used ‘as is.’ Be sure to include a high-quality photo that is relevant to the news in the release.

Valuable Relationship Building

Developing a relationship with local editors, healthcare reporters, or even corporate communications teams can be valuable. They may turn to you for information related to articles they’re working on or discuss topics you may want to write about.

Possible topics could include:

  • A speech or presentation you’re making that will educate or inform on an important subject 
  • A new employee you're hiring that will expand the services you can provide,
  • A health trend you’re seeing that can be impacted by your services. You could also include tips for healthier living
  • Talk about your accomplishments and activities if they benefit the community
  • Offer seasonal topics, such as how to avoid back pain from shoveling, gardening and raking

Unlike an ad, you cannot control whether this information is used.  But a well-crafted release on an interesting topic and a slow news day can create opportunity to build awareness and bring in new patients.

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