Is Digital Signage for You?

Driving down the street the other day, I noticed a billboard company had changed out an old static sign with a bigger, electronic one. It didn't surprise me, as several in the neighborhood have been replaced the last couple of years.  What did surprise me was the realization that unlike the old-fashioned billboards, I actually read the new electric ones.

Why? I suppose there are many reasons, but in the end, I was always interested to see if there was something that might appeal to me.

Now, translate that into putting the digital signage in your office.

Before you scoff and say that isn’t for me, think again.  Marketing isn’t just limited to what goes out of your office in the mail, on social media or email. Your actual office space is part of creating and supporting your brand. 

Digital signs give you the opportunity not only to educate but it also provides other advantages as well.  It is a platform to reinforce your online marketing efforts, cross-sell other services and encourage referrals.

And like the electronic billboard, the information is ever changing.  Most digital sign solutions create a mix of information that includes current news, trivia, weather while mixing in your own messaging.  Rather than aimlessly flipping though a magazine, your patients will engage with the rotating information that may mean something more to them than what the Kardashians are doing now. 

In fact, this isn’t just limited to treatments they may ask you about for themselves, but for friends and family whom they may ultimately refer.

Getting Started

Digital signage is a fairly simple solution to implement. 

You’ll need a flat screen, content, and most likely an Internet connection.  Flat screen TVs and monitors continue to become more affordable, and depending on your space, you likely don’t need anything over 50 inches. 

For content, there are numerous companies out there that specialize in health and wellness content.  Most of them will work with you to create a solution that reflects your brand – not only in images but information.  While not necessarily advisable, if you’re especially creative, you could even create your own presentation.  Just remember you’ll need the time to update it.

Even if you aren’t actively marketing and advertising your practice, digital signage is a step in creating an engaged, informed patient.  It creates a foundation of outreach possibilities that can only grow your practice.

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