Did You Ask?

Practice goals have always been important to me and I generally develop a specific outline and plan in efforts to meet these milestones. It's been my belief and finding that new and returning patients are the backbone of a successful practice and are an important part of reaching the goals.

While there are many avenues to market a practice, a direct referral from someone who is familiar with your office will generally refer another who also will benefit from your care. Those who have had success with and are excited about their progress are most apt to refer a friend or family member.

So as your day progresses, are you making the ask? Daily, we each receive thanks and gratitude from patients as they describe the benefits obtained from our counseling and care. I'm always appreciative of these comments and use them as an introduction to educate and to tell patients that our office is actively seeking others who we might assist. These might be individuals who are not familiar with us or who may not be familiar with chiropractic.

Many years ago, I recall hearing now deceased and former Speaker of the House Thomas "Tip" O'Neill discussing a constituent who, when he asked if she had voted for him, replied "NO." He was incensed as he had known her for years and had shoveled her path after snow storms and carried her groceries frequently as a youth.

Upon inquiring why she had not been supportive of his candidacy she replied, YOU NEVER ASKED!!!!

So as you assist, treat and develop your practice, make it a habit to ask for referrals. Happy Days!

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