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April Webinar - Building a practice in sports chiropractic

Good Sport(s) Webinar

All About Sports Chiropractic

8 things to consider when working with athletes.

In this webinar, Dr. Kelley Humphries talk about sports chiropractic. She shares personal experiences, and addresses a number of questions:  

  1. If a doctor is interested in getting into sports chiropractic, what steps can they take?
  2. How do you approach treatment of the athlete as a person? 
  3. How can chiropractors work with athletes with disabilities? 
  4. When working with athletes, many times doctors are in training facilities or at events.  How does the sports chiropractor address keeping clinical records? 
  5. Athletes come in all ages, abilities, and physical condition.  Is it important to get consent for chiropractic treatment? 
  6. What if the athletes a doctor is working with are involved in K-12 scholastic sports?  How do you obtain consent from the minor athlete? 
  7. What boundaries issues do doctors need to keep in mind when interacting with athletes in these settings outside a clinical setting? 
  8. If you are traveling across state lines with an athlete or team, are there licensure issues doctors need to be concerned with? 

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