Why NCMIC Has the Best Defense (Video)

Many chiropractic malpractice insurance providers say they provide their doctors with the best possible defense in a malpractice case—some even contend they're more effective than NCMIC.

However, many top malpractice attorneys believe NCMIC is the best choice for D.C.s. See what they have to say. 

top attorneys recommend NCMIC play

At NCMIC, you can be confident the attorney representing you has the right malpractice expertise.

The following questions are important for any D.C. who is facing a claim to ask. 

  • Has the attorney ever defended a chiropractor before?
  • Are they well familiar with the chiropractic profession?
  • Does the insurance company provide defense counsel with chiropractic-specific training and resources?

You can be sure that with NCMIC you will never have to wonder.

Claims Representatives

Beyond your attorney, another person you want on your side through this process is your claims representative. This is the insurance company employee who works with both you and the attorney throughout the claim. The same issues apply:

  • Are they familiar with chiropractors?
  • Have they worked on chiropractic claims before or are they part of a medical malpractice company that only works on chiropractic claims infrequently?
  • What kind of chiropractic-specific training and resources have they received?

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