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How Direct Malpractice Insurance Benefits You

With NCMIC, everything related to the policy stays in-house, including issuing, underwriting, billing, claims and customer service. In contrast, with broker insurance, there's no in-house service or support. Your policy and everything related to it goes somewhere else.

When you’re insured with NCMIC, you work directly with us as your insurance company. In other words, we offer your chiropractic malpractice insurance coverage straight to you, rather than through a broker.

Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with buying insurance through a broker (an agent who sells for an insurance carrier). But at NCMIC, we believe the chiropractic profession is unique and that Doctors of Chiropractic benefit when they work directly with the company providing their malpractice protection.

What Should DCs Be Aware of with Brokers?

One important consideration with any type of insurance is what to expect if and when you have a claim. Here's what can occur with a claim when a Doctor of Chiropractic has malpractice coverage through a broker:

  • The claim typically is handed over to the claims department of a large medical insurance company specializing in medical malpractice insurance.
  • The claims staff and defense attorney probably don't have much experience handling chiropractic claims.
  • There could be a lack of understanding or respect for the chiropractic profession by the person handling the claim or by the attorney defending the case.

Moreover, an insurance company could decide to exit the chiropractic malpractice insurance business, leaving the broker to scramble to find a new insurer and justify to their policyholders why the new company is better.

How is NCMIC Different?

On a day-to-day basis, you’ll deal directly with the company that handles your phone calls, underwrites your policy, services your claims and selects the best defense attorney for your case. We are not controlled by an outside insurance company, so we can bring all parts of the company to work together on your behalf.

NCMIC doctors immediately benefit from our expert attorneys and professional claim representatives who are well-versed in chiropractic claims and trial strategies. In many cases, they have helped doctors in similar situations avoid claims. If you do face a lawsuit, you’ll have the history, experience and strength of NCMIC standing beside you.

As a policyholder of NCMIC, you work with the company offering coverage directly to you. And you can rest assured that “We Take Care of Our Own®.”

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