NCMIC Coronavirus Policy Updates


Coverage for COVID-19 Related Claims

Will I Be Covered for Patient Claims Related to COVID-19?

Generally, yes. It is NCMIC’s intent to cover allegations of malpractice related to COVID-19. NCMIC does not plan to restrict coverage for patient claims related to the pandemic. However, the policy is subject to generally applicable terms and conditions.  Ultimately, any coverage determination will be based on the specific facts and allegations of the claim. 

Note: Your NCMIC policy only provides coverage for professional negligence. If you are concerned about coverage for other COVID-19 issues related to running your office, please review your other insurance coverages and contact your carrier or agent directly with any insurance questions, not related to your malpractice coverage with NCMIC.

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In this new and evolving environment, the profession will no doubt have to consider what the practice of naturopathic medicine looks like, including how treatment is provided. As always, use your clinical judgment (in conjunction with state and national regulations) to make decisions on what is best for your practice and your patients. You may decide using alternative methods of virtual communication makes the most sense in your practice. 

NCMIC will continue to support our practitioners as you embark upon alternative methods, including telemedicine and other allowable approaches as part of your practices. 

As each state has its own regulations on telemedicine and operational requirements that must be followed, it is incumbent upon you to stay informed of the ever-changing landscape and understand what your local/state/national guidelines are for treating patients in these unprecedented times. Additionally, if you are considering providing telemedicine services, you should check with any insurance carriers whose patients you see to confirm your services will be covered using telemedicine.   

Rest assured your policy with NCMIC will continue to provide coverage in your state today, tomorrow and always.  

Read the full statement: NCMIC's Statement on Telemedicine Support

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Additional Resources

From how to talk to patients who want to cancel appointments to a sharable flyer for your office, we’ve developed a number of resources to help you handle the impact on your practice, staff and patients

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