Naturopath Industry

Support for the Evolving Naturopathic Profession

The naturopathic profession is ever-changing – and we’re evolving right along with you. Whether you’re in residency or considering retirement, we’re here to support you and the profession at every turn.

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Expert Defense

Naturopath claims are highly unique. Our expert defense attorneys have been defending unique naturopath claims since 2001. Count on NCMIC Insurance Company to be there for you when you are in need. 

Support at Every Career Stage

From student scholarships and new practitioner discounts, to funding advocacy training and AANP's Thrive Toolkit we’re here at every stage of an ND’s professional journey – including supporting profession-wide PR efforts. 

State Licensure Funding and Advocacy

As new states add licensure, NDs start residency programs, to the established ND, the profession is changing and we’re here to support the profession and you as a student through retirement.  

naturopathic physician speaking with patient

Policy Highlights

NCMIC Naturopath Malpractice Insurance protects you from day one. Highlights of our policy include but not limited to: 

  • Defense Team paid outside policy limits of liability 
  • True Consent to Settle 
  • Telehealth Coverage 
  • NCR – Neural Cranial Restructuring 
  • IV Therapy Coverage for Nutrients 
  • Frenotomy 
  • IV Chelation 
  • Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine 
  • Cosmetic or Aesthetic Procedures 
  • Minor Surgery Procedures 
  • Prolotherapy 
  • Trigger Point Injections 
  • Entity/Corporation Coverage 
Michael Traub, ND
“I never understood why anybody would want to go with somebody else.”Michael Traub, ND
20-year policyholder
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