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NCMIC's Q4 Bucks for Boards Scholarship Recipients Announced

With 2021 behind us, NCMIC is proud to announce last year's final recipients of the Bucks for Boards quarterly scholarships.

Two hundred scholarships, in the amount of $500 each, were awarded to 50 students quarterly in 2021. The scholarships can be applied to the cost of NBCE chiropractic board exams, books, tuition, study materials or any other expenses to which the recipient sees fit.

The 2021 fourth quarter Bucks for Boards winners included:

  • Laura Allen, University of Western States        
  • Shelby Anderson, Palmer College, Florida       
  • Hannah Arisman, Palmer College, Florida        
  • Lillian Armoush, National Univ. of Health Sciences      
  • Kaitlyn Baier, Palmer College                          
  • Rebekah Boron-Trotter, Life Chiropractic College, West
  • Hannah Bowman, Palmer College, Florida          
  • Kaylee Brabham, University of Western States                            
  • Jenna Dougherty, Sherman College of Chiropractic                     
  • Jennifer Drotar, Palmer College, Florida                                    
  • Sara Durr, Palmer College                                                        
  • Nicole Eckert, Northeast College of Health Sciences                    
  • Connor Eller, Parker University                                                 
  • Emily Feero, Life Chiropractic College, West                            
  • Grace Godsy, Logan University                                                 
  • Paola Gonzalez, Keiser University                                             
  • Megan Gorton, So. Cal University of Health Sciences                  
  • Kortnee Gray, University of Western States                               
  • Garret Hahn, Northwestern Health Sciences University                   
  • Kendall Hill, Palmer College, Florida                                           
  • Krysta Huber, University of Western States                                
  • Jaron Hughes, Life Chiropractic College, West                           
  • Sarah Hunter, Logan University                                              
  • Heidi Johnson-Schmidt, So. Cal University of Health Sciences     
  • Abigail Kellogg, Northeast College of Health Sciences
  • Zina Knight, Parker University          
  • Taylor Kozaritz, Palmer College 
  • Erin Lagone, Palmer College    
  • Elisha Marger, Keiser University  
  • Madison Marquez, So. Cal University of Health Sciences     
  • Ceciley Maxa, Northwestern Health Sciences University 
  • Amanda Meeks, Cleveland University       
  • Tyler Mrock, Logan University     
  • Ashley O’Steen, Palmer College, Florida
  • Thu Phan, Parker University
  • Colton Purscell, Palmer College, Florida
  • Brooke Scott, Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • Michelle Shin, Life University
  • Evan Soutter, National Univ. of Health Sciences
  • Sebastian Torres, Palmer College, Florida
  • Ann Weisse, Parker University
  • Noah Steinhauer, Palmer College
  • Evan Struebing, Palmer College
  • Morgan Stubbendieck, Life University
  • Mara Trowbridge, Life Chiropractic College, West
  • Anthony Hector, Life Chiropractic College, West         
  • Seth Wilde, Palmer College            
  • Kimberly Williamson, University of Western States
  • Adison Wood, Parker University
  • Jason Yuan, University of Bridgeport

New 2022 Awards

Late last year, it was announced that beginning in 2022, Bucks for Boards will award a total of one hundred $1,000 scholarships to 25 students each quarter, doubling the award amount for students.

“The cost of education, whether it's chiropractic or any institution, has gone up significantly and most people need to utilize financial aid to pay for it,” said Dr. Wayne Wolfson, President of NCMIC. “Still, many students come out of school with significant debt. Bucks for Boards is just another way for NCMIC to take care of our own. It’s a great example of how we assist of students as they start their own practices or begin their professional lives.”

NCMIC, in conjunction with the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE), launched the Bucks for Boards program in 2020 to recognize the hard work and dedication of students working toward their Doctor of Chiropractic degree. All chiropractic students enrolled at a chiropractic college and DCs who graduated in the last six months are eligible to win.

Applying is easy:

  1. Students complete a quick online form
  2. Hit submit

No essays, no references or complicated financial aid documents are required. Winners are drawn at random from those who enter each entry period. Students can sign up once per entry period and are eligible to win one NCMIC Bucks for Boards scholarship annually. Winners will be notified by email and/or phone.

NCMIC is taking care of future DCs in other ways, too. The Starting Into Practice® Program has held on-campus presentations for over 20 years to help prepare students for the transition from school into practice and a new website, launched in early 2021, gives students access to in-depth information about business, marketing, practice structures, finances and more. Starting Into Practice also has a supporting Facebook group where students can share ideas, ask questions and get advice from experts.

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