Equipment Loans

Take Advantage of NCMIC's $99 Equipment Financing Special!

Equipment Financing Made Easy

This is a stressful time. You’re probably planning for when things get back to normal at your practice.

We hope this special offer can help you get the equipment you need for your practice for when things are back on track. See how NCMIC can help make that happen.

Equipment Loans


New Loans
800-915-3007 ext. 5418

Existing Loans

  • $99 Financing Special

    $99 Financing Special

    Learn about our limited-time offer of $99 documentation fee and $99 payments for 6 months.

  • Fast Approvals & Funding

    Fast Approvals & Funding

    Simple financing with fast credit decisions and same-day vendor funding.

  • Honest Terms

    Honest Terms

    NCMIC is committed to fair and honest terms, including Absolute & True No Prepayment Penalties.

  • NCMIC Advantages

    NCMIC Advantages

    For almost 25 years, NCMIC has been helping D.C.s grow their practices by offering unique financing solutions.

  • Tax Benefits

    Tax Benefits

    Section 179 of the tax code may let you deduct up to $500,000 on your taxes for any new equipment purchase.

  • Why More D.C.s Finance

    Why More D.C.s Finance

    Find out why successful Doctors of Chiropractic choose a financing strategy to grow their practices.

  • Lease/Loan Comparison Hotline

    Lease/Loan Comparison Hotline

    Call before you sign on the dotted line - we'll review any contract for hidden fees and unfavorable terms.

  • FAQs


    Find answers to questions about NCMIC's equipment financing program.

Equipment loans offered by NCMIC Finance Corporation are subject to credit approval. You should consult an attorney or financial advisor for specific legal or tax advice before entering into any financing arrangement. NCMIC and the equipment vendor you select are separate companies, are not agents of one another, and have no authority to bind one another to financial or other contractual obligations.