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Whether you need a new or used piece of equipment for your practice, we’re ready to help with an equipment finance loan.

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Fast Approvals

Receive a credit decision in as few as 2 hours.

100% Financing

Finance your entire purchase, including software, freight, taxes and more.

Flexible Plans & Deferrals

Choose a repayment plan from 12 to 60 months. Defer your first payment for up to 90 days, so you can put your equipment to use without immediately impacting cash flow.

No Prepayment Penalties

You may notice that many finance companies advertise no prepayment penalties. What they don’t advertise is that this sometimes means you can pay the total of your scheduled monthly payments ahead of time – INCLUDING all the interest. 

When we say no prepayment penalties, we mean it. You can pay off the remaining principal balance any time you like. You’ll only pay interest for the time you have the loan. The earlier you pay off, the more you save.

Fast Approvals and Funding

You work hard to deliver fast, first-rate service to your customers. You deserve the same from your finance company.

We’ll give you quick quotes and credit decisions in as few as 2 hours. You can also count on same-day funding to the vendor you choose. Once you place the order with your vendor, simply send us the invoice so we can handle it from there. 

Application Updates & E-Documents

We won’t leave you guessing about your application. Instead, you’ll get email updates when we receive your application and a credit decision is made. You’ll receive your loan documents electronically for review and signature. We’ll email you as soon as your vendor is paid. 

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We Understand Medical Equipment

NCMIC is proud to offer equipment finance for our doctors. We’ve been working with the medical profession for more than seven decades, so we understand the type of equipment you need — which means we can help you get your equipment quickly. 

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Equipment loans offered by NCMIC Finance Corporation are subject to credit approval. You should consult an attorney or financial advisor for specific legal or tax advice before entering into any financing arrangement. NCMIC and the equipment vendor you select are separate companies, are not agents of one another, and have no authority to bind one another to financial or other contractual obligations.

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