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Steven Conway, DC, DABCOH, Esq.

Steven Conway, DC, DABCOH, Esq. Dr. Conway’s unique dual-professional degrees as a chiropractor and attorney enable him to fulfill his passion of protecting and enhancing the chiropractic profession. An energetic presenter, his very practical Medicare presentations remove fear and provide an easy path for chiropractors to properly document Medicare cases.

A second-generation chiropractor, Dr. Conway is a 1983 graduate of Logan Chiropractic College. Dr. Conway, along with his father and wife, successfully provided chiropractic services in Southern Wisconsin in one of the larger clinics in the state.

Dr. Conway directly worked with CMS and the Medicare contractors on a four-year project to create a universal solution to chiropractic Medicare documentation. The result was the national chiropractic error ratio was reduced for the first time ever, gaining praise from CMS. What’s more, Dr. Conway personally trained the Medicare audit review staff.

Dr. Conway is now training chiropractors across the U.S. on the new Medicare documentation interpretation. The training has been universally accepted and implemented by chiropractors providing them for the first time a sense of relief from the fear of being audited. 

In addition to his work with Medicare and compliance, Dr. Conway is also a nationally recognized expert in chiropractic occupational health. He worked directly with companies such as GM, Andes Candies and John Deere, presenting chiropractic safety programs to more than 6,000 industrial representatives. Additionally, Dr. Conway has presented at the National Safety Congress in Chicago and at the National Academy in Washington, DC.

Having served on the Wisconsin Chiropractic Examining Board for nearly a decade, Dr. Conway brings firsthand knowledge on proper compliance procedures for chiropractic offices in a very nonthreatening way, which results in greater implementation. Dr. Conway uses vignettes of compliance issues, providing chiropractors with simple-to-understand concepts and easy-to-implement procedures to use their offices.


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