Speakers Bureau

NCMIC's Complimentary Speakers' Bureau provides quality education from well-respected speakers ... at no cost to your organization.

Speakers Bureau

Complimentary Program that Offers Quality Continuing Education Resources

It's not always easy for chiropractic colleges and state associations to do it all. After all, you want to provide quality, meaningful programs that go with all your other offerings ... without the hefty price tag. That's exactly why NCMIC offers the Complimentary Speakers Bureau.

  • How the Program Works

    How the Program Works

    Find out how you can obtain a top-notch speaker at no cost to your organization, compliments of NCMIC.

  • Speakers Listed Alphabetically

    Speakers Listed Alphabetically

    Easily find a specific speaker, as well as the topics available for the speaker, to present at your event.

  • Speakers Listed by Topic

    Speakers Listed by Topic

    Choose from a wealth of topics and select a speaker who is knowledgeable about what is important to you.

  • Get More with NCMIC

    Get More with NCMIC

    When it comes to your business insurance, turn to a company that understands the unique needs of both D.C.s and associations— NCMIC Insurance Services.