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Mike Powell, DC, DACNB

Mike Powell, DC, DACNBDr. Powell's presentations are engaging and interactive. He often uses video case studies from his clinic so you can see how he actually works through the process being taught. This puts a face and a real person at the center of our subject. Once that "why" is established, the underlying systems are considered. Then assessment, treatment and practice management strategies all come together with hands on learning to give the doctor confidence in applying these techniques the next day in clinic.

Dr. Powell has been teaching nationally and abroad for over 20 years. His presentations make understanding the applications of brain function and chiropractic care easy, fun to learn and practical to implement. Each session combines patient case video and hand's on learning. Information presented is linked to evidence from current research. The goal is always to make the doctor better able to serve their patients at the highest level.

Dr. Powell is a second generation chiropractor, Logan College of Chiropractic graduate and has been practicing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa since 1996. He has taught functional neurology extensively as faculty with the Carrick Institute The majority of his patients either have well established neurological diagnoses or complex conditions that have not improved despite extensive care. He has a passion for sharing what he's learned from research, other doctors and his patients to help as many chiropractors as possible serve at a higher level.

Dr. Powell has served as a board member for the Iowa Board of Chiropractic, Iowa Chiropractic Society and Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa. He has been involved with the NBCE, FCLB, IAFNR, ACNB and ACA Councils. Over the years he has presented at chiropractic and medical colleges, state association and multi-disciplinary events. Dr. Powell is an author of "The Potential Impact of Various Physiological Mechanisms on Outcomes in TBI, mTBI, Concussion and PPCS" Journal of Functional Neurology, Rehabilitation and Ergonomics, 2013.

NCMIC Lecture Topics:

  • Adjusting with the Brain in Mind
  • Brain-based Chiropractic Care
  • Keys to Post Concussion Recovery
  • The ADHD Solution with Applications for OCD, PTSD, PANDAS, Tourette's and Dystonia
  • Simple, Effective Brain-based Rehab for All Your Patients
  • The Alzheimer's Prevention Program
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