Webinar: Strategic Growth: Crafting a High-Value Chiropractic Practice

In this webinar, discover essential strategies for turning your chiropractic practice into a valuable retirement asset.

You're going to retire someday! Whether that day is just around the corner or far in the future, you won't want to miss this enlightening webinar session with Crystal Misenheimer and Mike Whitmer on "Strategic Growth: Crafting a High-Value Chiropractic Practice." Discover the keys to building a practice that not only thrives but becomes a valuable asset for your retirement. Crystal and Mike will share real-life stories, unveil common misconceptions, and discuss the challenges chiropractors face in building their practice's financial health. They'll talk about essential strategies for early career planning, addressing potential pitfalls like practice transition and the role of real estate in valuation. Closing with a focus on preparing for a prosperous retirement, this session is a must for chiropractors aiming for success. This is the first of our webinar sessions this year that will focus on building a successful practice and buying or selling a practice.

Some of the questions Crystal and Mike discuss:

  • What are the biggest challenges chiropractors face in building a financially valuable practice?
  • What are some common misconceptions chiropractors have about the value of their practice? How do these impact their retirement planning?
  • What are some watch-out ideas doctors should think about early? (family taking over, associates buying practice, spouses, business partners, real estate as part of valuation)
  • What resources are available for chiropractors who want to prepare their practice for a successful retirement?
  • What future trends should chiropractors be aware of when planning for retirement?
  • What strategies can chiropractors implement early in their careers to ensure their practice grows in value?
  • How should chiropractors assess the value of their practice? Are there key metrics or factors they often overlook?

About Our Speaker

Crystal Misenheimer, Lead Broker at Progressive Practice Sales, is the leading expert in chiropractic practice sales. The first and only chiropractic broker to earn the coveted Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation from the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), Crystal sets the gold standard in expertise, quality, and service. She offers full-service representation, hourly consultation, and “for sale by owner” support; in all service lines, her clients can be sure that they are represented by the best.

Crystal has been recognized with the IBBA’s prestigious Chairman’s Circle + Deal Maker Awards. In 2021, she was one of only 28 brokers nationwide to win a Deal Maker Award. She was named an Industry Expert by Business Brokerage Press, the leading trade journal for business brokers. She was featured on Parker Success Academy and is a senior-level contributor to the Forbes Business Council. You can also find her regularly featured on Chiropractic Economics, NCMIC educational programs, and other industry podcasts, blogs, and periodicals.

Crystal received her BBA from Baylor University in International Management Information Systems and worked in the non-profit sector before taking over management and marketing for three of her husband Kevin’s chiropractic clinics and then transitioning into Managing Broker and then Lead Broker at Progressive Practice Sales. She lives in Chattanooga, TN, and enjoys spending her free time hiking, practicing yoga, and spending time with Kevin and their four children.

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