Webinar: Navigating the Field: Mitigating Risks in Sports Chiropractic

This webinar features Mike Whitmer and Dr. Liz Moos discussing sports chiropractic. They cover emergency planning, travel-to-treat complexities, concussion management, pre-participation physicals, and documentation best practices. The session delves into the responsibilities of a sports chiropractor, including the legal and ethical aspects of carrying the title of “Medical Director.” It offers valuable insights for chiropractors in sports, focusing on risk management and professional compliance

In this webinar, Mike Whitmer talks with Dr. Liz Moos. They dive into the high-stakes realm of sports chiropractic, unpacking the unique risks and responsibilities that come with treating athletes. Their discussion begins with the critical importance of having a comprehensive emergency plan—not just the necessity of this plan being meticulously written down, but also its strategic implementation.

Next, they tackle the complexities of travel-to-treat scenarios. They demystify the often misunderstood aspects of licensure and legal considerations that come with treating athletes across different jurisdictions.

Concussions, a hot-button topic in sports, get a spotlight. Mike and Dr. Moos analyze the chiropractor's role in concussion management, focusing on the delicate decision-making process involved in return-to-play calls. When should an athlete be pulled from the game? This episode provides invaluable insights into making these critical decisions.

Pre-participation physicals are another cornerstone of the discussion. They explore their significance in identifying potential risks before an athlete steps onto the field and how chiropractors can effectively conduct these assessments.

Documentation is the backbone of any medical practice, and in sports chiropractic, it’s no different. Dr. Moos emphasizes the importance of thorough initial and ongoing documentation outlining best practices to ensure legal and professional compliance.

Lastly, they address the role and implications of carrying the title of “Medical Director” within a sports team or organization. What does this title entail, and what are the legal and ethical responsibilities that come with it?

Join us as we navigate these choppy waters, offering expert insights and real-world advice to ensure that sports chiropractors not only excel in their field but also effectively manage the risks associated with this dynamic area of practice.

This session promises to be a riveting and informative journey, offering valuable knowledge for chiropractors navigating the exciting yet challenging field of sports chiropractic.

About our speaker:

Dr. Liz Moos graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2014, and following graduation, she became their first Human Performance Fellow. During her fellowship, she earned her MS in Exercise Science from Concordia University-St. Paul. She also had the opportunity to work with athletes of all different ages and abilities, ranging from high school to Olympic and professional athletes. In 2018 Liz moved to California where she has served on faculty at Palmer College of Chiropractic-West Campus and works as part of an integrative team for Crossover Health. Her sports training includes holding the ICSC and the DACBSP. Liz has also been active in the ACA, SACA Advisory Board, and ACA Sports Council executive team.

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