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Webinar: Common Board Complaints and How to Avoid Them

This episode delves into crucial aspects of chiropractic practice, including the importance of maintaining professional boundaries, the critical role of accurate documentation, and navigating continuing education requirements. Experts Liz Moore and Cass McLeod-Skinner offer invaluable advice for chiropractors on enhancing patient care, ensuring compliance, and fostering professional growth.

This time, Mike Whitmer hosts a discussion with Liz Moore and Cass McLeod-Skinner, chiropractic board executive directors from Ohio and Oregon, respectively. They dig into crucial aspects of chiropractic practice, including regulatory compliance, professional boundaries, documentation, and the evolving landscape of continuing education. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to the field, this episode offers invaluable advice to elevate your practice and adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct.


  • Understanding Professional Boundaries: Liz and Cass discuss common issues, the implications of boundary violations, and strategies for ensuring respectful patient-practitioner relationships.
  • The Critical Role of Documentation: Meticulous patient documentation isn't just a regulatory requirement. It’s a cornerstone of effective practice management. Liz and Cass share common pitfalls in documentation, its impact on patient care, and tips for maintaining impeccable records.
  • Navigating Continuing Education: Mike, Liz, and Cass discuss the significance of continuing education (CE) for chiropractors. They emphasize how CE not only fulfills regulatory requirements but also plays a pivotal role in staying updated with the latest in chiropractic care and patient management.
  • License Renewal and Compliance: The conversation sheds light on the consequences of lapsing licenses and the importance of staying on top of renewal deadlines. Insights into how such oversights occur and practical advice for compliance are discussed.
  • Delegating to Unlicensed Personnel: Understand the dos and don'ts of delegating tasks within your practice, and the risks associated with improper delegation. Liz and Cass offer guidance on how to effectively manage staff while adhering to regulatory standards.
  • Leveraging Board Resources: Liz and Cass discuss how boards can offer support and guidance on various professional matters.
  • Social Media and Online Conduct: They offer advice on managing online reviews, maintaining patient confidentiality, and representing the chiropractic profession positively online.
  • The Importance of Informed Consent: Liz, Cass and Mike explain why clear communication and proper documentation are crucial for ethical practice and patient satisfaction.

This webinar offers a comprehensive overview of key regulatory and ethical considerations for chiropractors. By understanding potential danger areas, DCs can not only enhance their compliance and patient care but also contribute to the reputation of the chiropractic profession.

About Our Speakers:

Cass McLeod-Skinner has been the Executive Director for the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners (OBCE) since 2014. Cass came to the OBCE with a rich background in public health and public service, having held positions as General Counsel and Health Equity Officer for Trillium Community Health Plan (Trillium) and Chair of the Board of Commissioners for Oregon’s Liquor Control Commission (OLCC).

Elizabeth N. Moore serves as the State Chiropractic Board of Ohio's chief enforcement officer and is responsible for enforcing the laws and rules governing the practice of chiropractic in Ohio. She also oversees all activities and programs of the Board office and carries out the directives of the Board.

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