Webinar: Chiropractic Economics: Setting Prices for Maximum Value

Chiropractic Economics: Setting Prices for Maximum Value

Appropriate pricing is a key component to a successful practice. 

  • How should chiropractors determine their actual fees?
  • How do chiropractors determine their cost of doing business?
  • What resources are available for determining market value?
  • What are the concerns and impacts when chiropractors charge less than market value?
  • What are some of the rules and regulations that prohibit chiropractors from offering discounts?
  • What steps can chiropractors take to offer affordable care to patients and still be profitable?

In the webinar, Kristi refers to this website: https://www.fairhealthconsumer.org/ 

About our speaker:

Kristi Hudson serves as the Director of Special Projects for ChiroHealthUSA and Administrator for the ChiroHealthUSA Foxworth Family Scholarship.

Since 2010, she has helped educate chiropractors and their staffs on compliance issues related to faulty financial policies. She has been a guest lecturer for events hosted by Breakthrough Coaching, KMC University, Physician’s Business Solutions, and the Student ACA. She enjoys working with state associations, COCSA, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, and the Clinical Compass to provide educational awareness on changes within the profession.

Since 2012, she has facilitated and managed one of the largest-running weekly webinar series within the profession by bringing top speakers and consultants to address the most important issues in chiropractic. Kristi has worked closely with state and national organizations to help facilitate the philanthropic efforts of ChiroHealthUSA. To date, donations to the profession have reached almost 1 million dollars.

Kristi believes in living life to the fullest and takes every opportunity to try something new. She enjoys kayaking with her family, running, and taking taekwondo with her son. She is a life-long resident of Brandon, Mississippi, and finds that her greatest joy is being a wife and a mother.

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