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Webinar: Building a Trusted Referral Network

In this webinar, we explore the importance of patient-centered care, collaboration within the medical community, and strategic networking for building a successful healthcare practice.

In this webinar, hosted by Mike Whitmer, Dr. Nicole Ingrando shares her transformative journey from a sales career to achieving clinical excellence in the chiropractic field. This episode delves into the essence of effective networking within the healthcare industry, emphasizing its crucial role in building a successful practice.

Key highlights include Dr. Ingrando's strategic approach to patient-centered care, her innovative methods for collaborating with the medical community, and the significance of personal growth and adaptability. You'll gain insights into the importance of viewing networking as a service to your patients and the broader community, the impact of positive patient outcomes on practice growth, and the art of transforming challenges into opportunities.

This webinar is invaluable for chiropractors, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in enhancing their networking skills, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and driving meaningful change in the medical field.

About Our Speaker:

Dr. Nicole Ingrando, DC
Known for energetic, candid and relatable lectures, Dr. Nicole Ingrando provides advice and real-life tools to help Doctors of Chiropractic overcome their biggest challenges in practice. In a market teemed with patients seeking relief from pain, she believes that every practicing Chiropractor has the opportunity to be successful, if they apply the right tools with consistency. 

Dr. Ingrando, former business development and senior sales executive for Marriott International joined the chiropractic profession in July of 2009. She received her chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic -Florida, where she received the 2009 Clinical Excellence Award.

As the founding physician of a successful grass-roots start up practice, she has helped to infuse a culture of innovative growth into her practice and the chiropractic profession. While working within an exclusive division of Marriott, she had the chance to learn some of the most valuable tools for business growth. Partnering her unique training and experience with evidence based spine care, Dr. Ingrando has helped grow her practice to become a powerful leader in the community.

A lecturer, author and contributor, Dr. Ingrando has helped develop integrative practice models and rehabilitation strategies for hundreds of organizations. She works with hospital partners such as Adventist Health and Kennedy Krieger Institute providing consulting in business growth and integrative educational resources.

Dr. Ingrando has a track record of business development success and she inspires in people a dynamic desire to search out new ideas and innovation to uncover their own success.

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