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Retirement Reality Check


Retirement Reality Check

Host Mike Whitmer and guest Crystal Misenheimer discuss the often-misunderstood aspects of chiropractic practice valuation and retirement planning, emphasizing the importance of early and strategic preparation for a successful transition into retirement.

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In this episode of "Chiropractical," host Mike Whitmer is joined by Crystal Misenheimer from Progressive Practice Sales to discuss the critical aspects of retirement planning and practice valuation for chiropractors. Key points include understanding the common misconceptions about practice value, the importance of early planning, and the reality of practice sales in the chiropractic industry.

Topics Covered:

  • The Retirement Planning Misconception: Delving into why many chiropractors' expectations about retirement don't align with reality and how early planning is crucial.
  • Practice Valuation Complexities: Crystal shares her expertise on the challenges and misconceptions in valuing a chiropractic practice.
  • Real-life Examples: Insights into real cases where chiropractic practices faced valuation and sale challenges.
  • Missteps in Practice Management: How lack of focus on future value and late planning can affect the sale outcome.
  • Marketplace Realities and Profit Impact: Understanding the role of lenders in setting practice values and why profit is a critical factor.
  • Family Dynamics in Practice Transition: The complexities involved when family members are part of the practice transition.
  • Future Trends in Chiropractic Practice: Crystal discusses technological changes and the rise of corporate ownership in the industry.
  • Strategies for Value Growth: Advice for chiropractors to increase the value of their practices over time.


Dr. Jon Kec addresses a question about reducing malpractice insurance limits as a cost-saving measure during retirement, emphasizing the importance of risk mitigation.


Crystal Misenheimer is the leading expert in chiropractic practice successions and transition plans. The first and only chiropractic specialist to earn the coveted Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation from the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), Crystal sets the gold standard in expertise on chiropractic business analysis, valuations and transition strategy. As Lead Broker at Progressive Practice Sales, Crystal brings a wealth of experience in practice sale norms and risk mitigation, and a thorough understanding of marketplace trends. A former chiropractic clinic owner herself, she is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive support on the many complexities of clinic valuations and practice sales. Crystal has been recognized with the IBBA’s prestigious Chairman’s Circle and Deal Maker Awards. She was also named an Industry Expert by Business Brokerage Press, the leading trade journal for business brokers, and is a contributor for the Forbes Business Council. You can find her regularly featured on chiropractic educational programs, podcasts, blogs and periodicals.

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