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Managing the Unexpected and Staying Resilient

On episode 3 of Chiropractical, we look at resilience – from the perspective of two DC students, and as a leader, partner, and coworker.


Leah Dash and Ian Le are in their final years of chiropractic school. They are also Student Ambassadors in the NCMIC Starting Into Practice program. We checked in with them to hear how the pandemic has affected their learning and their plans, and what the profession can do to help them and other students.   

Leah Dash is in her 8th quarter at UWS. Originally from South Florida, she’s enjoying her time outdoors, hiking, and on the river. Interesting fact: She used to sing opera and now she’s discovered woodworking (which may or may not include making practice bodies). We talk about how she and her classmates are handling everything 2020 has presented, her hopes for the future, and what type of practice she’d like to join when she graduates.    

Ian Le is a 7th trimester student at National University of Health Sciences in Florida. He loves to surf and play volleyball. Growing up in a military family, he decided early on he’d like to work with the VA to provide support to active and retired military. He shares with us how his professors and classmates are keeping in touch, what he’s doing on his own to expand his knowledge, and a bill that he’s passionate about supporting.   

Sarah Noll Wilson is a researcher, a speaker, and soon-to-be author. A month or so into the pandemic we invited her to speak to everyone at NCMIC to help us understand how and why we are feeling the way we are, and how to navigate everything we’re juggling in this ever-changing period in time. Our employees found so much value we had to invite her to share her knowledge with you on the podcast.   

And, in our Ask NCMIC segment, John Floyd addresses the topic of informed consent in the time of telehealth. 

Additional Material

Our Guests

Leah Dash

University of Western States

Ian Le

National University of Health Sciences

Sarah Noll Wilson

As an Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Transformer of Teams, Researcher, soon to be author, Sarah helps people close the gap between what they intend to do and the actual impact they make. She focuses on the true and evolutionary behavior of relationships and specializes in building, rebuilding, and healing teams. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn, or at  

Our Hosts

About Chick Herbert

Chick is Sr. Vice President of Enterprise Organizational Development. Chick has nearly 30 years of experience as an executive business leader, independent consultant, speaker and executive coach. He is the co-author of “It Begs the Question – Learn How the Best Managers Drive Performance Through Question-Centric Coaching.” Chick is a past board chair for Special Olympics Iowa and was recognized as the 2013 statewide volunteer of the year. He recently accepted a leadership role with Iowa Women Lead Change. Chick and his wife have three adult sons.

About Melissa Knutson

Melissa is Sr. Vice President – Insurance Operations. She’s been with NCMIC since January 2004. As an active part of the Greater Des Moines community, Melissa volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, United Way’s Grad Walk, and Meals from the Heartland, as well as serving on the Board of Trustees for EveryStep. She is the founder of Give Grace Give Hope, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to addressing period poverty in Central Iowa by providing menstrual products to local schools and nonprofits. Melissa and her husband have three daughters.

About Mike Whitmer

Mike Whitmer, Vice President of NCMIC's Chiropractic Insurance Programs, has more than 25 years' experience in the business world to share with D.C.s who are starting their chiropractic careers. By day, Mike leads the corporate relations team at NCMIC Group, Inc., teaching at chiropractic colleges about business practices and risk management, and attending trade shows and homecoming events. Mike is also the cofounder of a property management company and a restoration firm that have provided his "real world" experience on writing business plans and dealing with small business finance and operations. He is the board president of Children’s Cancer Connection, and on the board and executive committee of the National MS Society, Upper Midwest Chapter.

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