Effective Staff Meetings

One of the most effective ways to motivate and communicate with your employees is to hold regular staff meetings. Make the most of this time to ensure your practice is running smoothly and that you address any issues or concerns that arise.

Purpose of Staff Meetings

Whatever your intent, make sure everyone understands the purpose of the staff meeting. Typically, all employees are required to attend and the meetings are intended to be informational and informative. It’s also an opportunity for discussion – possibly about procedures, policies, schedules or other office related topics.

Planning the Meeting

Spend time planning your meeting to ensure its success.  Consider these aspects:

  • Provide an open forum and a relaxed environment.
  • Plan to meet without interruption. Don’t answer the phone.
  • Arrange to meet on a Monday or a Tuesday. Don't meet on Friday.
  • Plan meetings to last no longer than one hour.
  • Meet daily for 15-minute, mini-meetings during the start-up phase of your practice. Once patient load increases, meet weekly.

Create an Agenda

  • Review new patient files and the files of challenging cases.
  • Discuss staff production, reviewing statistics and goals.
  • Acknowledge what is not working and get suggestions for solutions.
  • Acknowledge what is working (the good news).
  • Review new and/or altered procedures from previous weeks.
  • Reaffirm your office purpose and inspire your employees to follow it.

An effective staff meeting:


  • Has an agenda.
  • Starts and finishes on time.
  • Is upbeat and inspirational.
  • Ends on a positive note!


  • Criticizes an individual.
  • Changes a policy at the meeting.

At the weekly meeting, review goals and ask each department to provide updates on their activities.

Keep on Meeting

As the practice grows, the natural tendency is to stop meeting each week because there are so many demands on your time. Don't let this happen! Staff meetings should continue regularly. Make sure to schedule staff meetings into your appointment system.

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