Malpractice defense attorneys share how NCMIC supports its doctors

In this video, hear what some top malpractice defense attorneys believe “We Take Care of Our Own” really means.


What "We Take Care of Our Own" Really Means!

NCMIC's motto “We Take Care of Our Own®” is so much more than a slogan or tagline. “We Take Care of Our Own” means NCMIC has your best interests in mind each day, in every transaction, in everything we do. It means we take care of … YOU — the chiropractor!

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Hear what some top malpractice defense attorneys believe “We Take Care of Our Own” really means.

Top Massachusetts attorney Jennifer Boyd Herlihy has seen first hand NCMIC’s tagline in action and how our claims representatives are personally invested with each call or each case. She explains how together with defense counsel and the claim representative, everyone works as a team “to make sure we have every possible expert, we have every medical record, and we make sure that the doctor knows they’re in great hands and we are going to take care of them, through trial, if necessary and do what’s in their best interest.”

The commitment to chiropractic starts at the top of the company. Just ask Barry Vogel from California, who has spent time around many of the executives at NCMIC. He found the executives don’t discuss insurance. “Rather, they talk about chiropractic,” Barry says. “It’s a really unique thing that they’re excited about chiropractic, and they’re excited about defending chiropractic.”

Michele Quattlebaum from Texas, one of the country’s most sought-after defense attorneys, agrees that what makes NCMIC so impressive is their claims department because “… each and every one of their claims representatives understands your case. They believe in you and want to help you!” Furthermore, she believes NCMIC wants what is best for you because they understand chiropractic. “This is not a side business for them. They’re not a medical malpractice insurance company and they might sell to some chiropractors. They ARE chiropractic.”

What’s more, Oregon’s Frank Moscato says NCMIC understands the psychological and financial stress that a doctor and his (or her) family go through when a claim is made against him (or her): “They don’t look at you, the insured, as just another claim. They look at you as an important part of the healthcare community. And they believe it is their job to help you.”

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