A person drives a yellow snowmobile.

What You Need to Know About Snowmobile Insurance

Using a snowmobile for transportation or recreation this winter? Here's what you should know before you suit up.

Snowmobiling is a fun winter hobby, but that fun also has responsibilities and risks.  Those risks can involve you, your snowmobile, injury to others and property damage, even all of the above. If you plan on hopping on one this winter, here's what you should know about coverage.

Liability is Limited

Liability will extend from your home policy to cover property damage or bodily injury - but only while riding solely on your property. Once you are on public property or trails, you lose the coverage, but not the risks. A snowmobile policy can provide liability coverage and medical payments for any bodily injury or property damage caused by the use of your snowmobile.

A snowmobile policy can also help you replace or repair damages to your investment. 

Types of Snowmobile Coverage

  • Comprehensive coverage provides coverage if the snowmobile is stolen or damaged by something other than collision, such as hail or vandalism. 
  • Collision coverage can help with the cost of repairs if you slide into a fence, hit something in the trail, such as a fallen branch, or if you hit another snowmobile. 
  • Both comprehensive and collision coverages offer a variety of deductibles to help you determine your out of pocket expense and the premium you are comfortable with.

Talk to your personal insurance agent for details of obtaining a policy to not only cover your snowmobile, but to protect your other property and assets in the event of a loss.  

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