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NCMIC and the Chiropractic Treatment of Children

Because NCMIC's malpractice insurance plan was created by chiropractors and for chiropractors, our policy and benefits are designed with you in mind. This includes the chiropractic treatment of children.

Some doctors have the mistaken belief that NCMIC does not cover the chiropractic treatment of children. The reality is that the NCMIC policy does not exclude the treatment of children.

In fact, we make available at conferences fun stickers for DCs to share with their pediatric patients. Additionally, we sponsor seminars specifically on the topic of chiropractic pediatrics.

The NCMIC Speakers Bureau has two speakers who specifically address topics related to the chiropractic treatment of children.

Elise G. Hewitt, D.C., DICCP, FICC

An internationally recognized speaker, author and leader in the specialized field of chiropractic pediatrics, Dr. Hewitt helps chiropractors learn about the subtleties involved in taking a history for young pediatric patients, as well as considerations with otitis media and asthma.

Dr. Hewitt is board certified in chiropractic pediatrics and a craniosacral therapist. She has published numerous papers and articles on chiropractic pediatrics and has served on steering committees for several large-scale studies on this topic.

Dr. Hewitt currently serves as immediate past president of the American Chiropractic Association’s (ACA) Pediatrics Council. She is a founding member of both the ACA Pediatrics Council and the Pediatrics Council of the International Chiropractors Association.

Janet Lintala, D.C.

With 50,000 children being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) each year, there is now a virtual “silent tsunami” of individuals with specific medical and chiropractic needs.

Dr. Lintala's programs offer providers suggestions for simple changes that can make their practices more suitable to autistic patients. Dr. Lintala is the founder of The Autism Recovery Resource Center, serving patients in 10 states, and does extensive pro bono work at the center. She is currently an adjunct faculty member at NUHS, a speaker for Intersect4Kids, and has mentored with Elizabeth Mumper, M.D., former medical director of the Autism Research Institute.

NCMIC and Pediatric Coverage

As a Doctor of Chiropractic insured by NCMIC, you can be confident in knowing that you can adjust anyone—from infant to centenarian (as long as it’s within your state’s scope of practice)—and your NCMIC coverage will be there to protect you. 

NCMIC's specialty is insurance. Your specialty is the way you choose to practice.

For information about upcoming NCMIC seminars, including those focused on pediatrics, go to the events section of

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