Myth vs Fact

Myth Versus Fact: Board Allegations

Myth: If my state board investigates my license or a government agency or health insurer initiates a billing audit, I'm on my own for a legal defense. Fact: NCMIC provides legal defense coverage for all of these instances and more.

That’s why before you do anything, call the NCMIC Claims Advice Hotline at 1-800-242-4052.

Responding without knowing what specific complaint has been made can be very dangerous. Your license—your very ability to practice chiropractic—is your most important asset. It was difficult to acquire but can be easily lost, often due to a simple oversight.

When you call NCMIC, an experienced claims professional will investigate the issue and offer you advice on the next steps. If needed, legal counsel will be retained for you. No matter what the allegation or dispute, you are never alone.

Legal Defense Coverage

We understand how critical this issue is to you. That’s why we include up to $60,000 in legal defense costs at no additional cost to you for any of the following:

  • Health insurance company billing audits (wrongful billing and related proceedings)
  • Government agency and Medicare audits
  • State disciplinary proceedings
  • Sexual misconduct civil allegations
  • Federal professional review organization sanctions (e.g., Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) sanctions proceedings)
  • HIPAA and privacy-related proceedings  

These audits can be frightening because there is the potential you will have to return money.  Even worse, they can be precursors to fraud investigations and sanctions on your chiropractic license.  

But you can feel confident that NCMIC will be standing beside you every step of the way. We’re passionate about defending you, your license and your ability to practice. Your reputation is our reputation, and your first step is to call us to protect it by calling 1-800-242-4052.

Because at NCMIC - “We Take Care of Our Own®

The audit coverage is for legal defense costs only and includes coverage for State Disciplinary Proceedings, Civil Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Wrongful Billing and Related Proceedings, HIPAA and Privacy Related Proceedings and Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Review. This coverage is subject to underwriting approval and may not be available on all policies. The terms and conditions of your coverage are fully explained in the policy documents.

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