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Thank you hand written

NCMIC Doctor Shares His Case

The following was shared by one of our policyholders, Dr. D.H., at the conclusion of his chiropractic board hearing.

We are pleased to report the doctor was very happy with the result, as the following depicts…

I just finished with my hearing in front of the chiropractic board this morning and wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent support and services rendered by my attorney, which NCMIC provided to defend me.

I would be completely remiss if I did not let you know the excellent work she put in in order to help me navigate one of the most difficult times in my life as I dealt with this case. I have to admit that this horrific event rocked my entire being to the point where I wasn't sure that I could continue my practice. I had difficulty sleeping and eating due to stress related to the event and the resulting case.

From the first conversation on the phone to our last meeting this morning she has been an uncompromising ally and source of comfort and confidence for me and my family. I was impressed by the scope of her knowledge of chiropractic practice and treatment as well as deep understanding of some of the more nuanced aspects of the profession. I appreciated her logical, calm, concise abridgment of information as well as her understanding tone which often helped me see things clearly. This was a situation that no medical provider wants to be part of, but when the improbable happens having my attorney on my side was truly my saving grace.

Thank you for selecting her to represent me and thank you for helping resolve this case. It is my sincere prayer that I never need to utilize the important service which NCMIC provides, but I will literally sleep better knowing how well you take care of your insureds.

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