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Avoid a Malpractice or Board Allegation with These Resources

At NCMIC, our know-how may help you avoid a claim or board allegation. That's a big advantage for our doctors.

NCMIC has seen just about every type of allegation, since we have been defending chiropractors since 1946. We continually evaluate claims data and trends to give our doctors top-notch resources, including:

Claims Advice Hotline

Our on-site professional claims representatives specialize in chiropractic malpractice claims, and you don't need to wait until a claim is made to call. Our claims representatives talk with DCs in similar situations every day. They understand the many clinical, relationship and legal issues involved, and may help you avoid a claim.

You can trust NCMIC’s experienced claims representatives to listen to your situation, and confidentially guide you through your next steps. Our claims team is ready to handle whatever question you may have.

Examiner Publication and Emails

Each month you'll receive real-life case studies from the NCMIC files that let you learn from the experiences of other doctors. You’ll also find articles with strategies for avoiding a malpractice allegation or board complaint. 

Continuing Education

In today’s society, even well-respected, highly knowledgeable chiropractors get sued. Our CE seminars, online courses and webinars offer you insights that can help protect your reputation and practice.

Once a Claim Or Board Allegation Is Filed

In the event a claim or board allegation is filed and you need a defense, you can feel secure in knowing that NCMIC retains the best attorneys in the country. NCMIC only trusts attorneys with in-depth knowledge about defending against healthcare malpractice allegations and licensing board complaints. We provide them with access to the latest chiropractic defense strategies and research, as well as the right experts to call as witnesses on your behalf. 

Your Reputation Is Ours

At NCMIC, “We Take Care of Our Own®” is more than just a motto. Whether it's before, during or after a claim or board allegation, we take your reputation, career and assets seriously. Learn more today.

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