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An Early Call May Help Avoid a Claim

During a recent seminar, we discussed relationships between doctors and their insurance companies. At NCMIC, this relationship is unique because we don't necessarily open a claim file when doctors call us. We want to encourage doctors to contact us before there is any hint of a claim.

I recently conducted a risk management seminar at a chiropractic college. During the seminar, we discussed the relationship between the doctor and the malpractice insurance carrier, and I was reminded that it is a unique relationship where the doctor and the insurance company are on the same side.   

Have you ever contacted your home and/or auto insurance company to ask questions about an accident you’ve had?  Right now, I am guessing that you either uttered out loud or thought in your mind something to the extent of “Are you crazy?!” 

In most situations, if you call your home or auto insurance company to ask questions about what to do to either avoid, mitigate or manage a claim, they will officially open a claim whether you want them to or not.  This can have an adverse effect on your premium rates, claims-free discounts and possibly your overall insurability. 

Did you know that NCMIC prefers that you call to discuss situations even before there is any hint of a claim? 

You see, in the case of malpractice insurance, it’s not only in your best interest, but also your malpractice carrier’s best interest to avoid claims altogether. At least NCMIC hopes to mitigate your risk in the event a claim is actually rendered against you. 

That’s why if you, as a policyholder, ever have a situation occur that you believe could possibly lead you down the path of an allegation of malpractice, you are encouraged to call our experienced claim representatives at 800-242-4052. They can assist you with navigating the situation and avoiding a claim or mitigating your risk. 

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