Credentialing Requests Made Easy

In the course of doing business, you may need to provide documentation to employers, insurance companies and other organizations to confirm your malpractice insurance status and claims history. These documents are called verifications of coverage and loss run reports.

It is important that you understand the documents and how to obtain them.

First, a verification of coverage is exactly as it sounds.  It is a form that is sent upon request confirming the current status of your malpractice policy, as well as the pertinent details of your coverage including policy number, limits of liability, effective date and expiration date.  If you have ever applied to join an insurance network, you were most likely required to provide verification of coverage during your application process.

A loss run report, also known as a claims history report, is a document that provides a history of any open or closed claims.  For closed claims, any amounts paid in settlements or judgments will also be included.

In some cases, organizations may request to be added as a certificate holder on your malpractice insurance policy.

Adding an organization as a certificate holder to your policy does not extend any coverage to the organization. However, it allows them to be notified automatically when changes are made to your malpractice insurance policy, such as cancellation, reinstatement, change of limits of liability, etc.  In addition, the certificate holder will be notified when your policy renews. This streamlines the annual recredentialing process required by many insurance networks. A brief one-page Request to Add Certificate Holder form will need to be completed to add a certificate holder to your policy.

You can request all of these items from your malpractice insurance company. At NCMIC, these items are available to policyholders for no additional charge.

If you have any credentialing questions or need to obtain coverage verification, a loss run report, or add a certificate holder to your policy, NCMIC is just a phone call away. Contact us at 800-769-2000, ext. 3555; we’re here to answer your questions.  

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