Dr. Wayne Wolfson

2024 Annual Letter from NCMIC President Wayne Wolfson, D.C.

NCMIC President Wayne Wolfson, D.C., takes a look at the year—and why we do what we do.

It’s hard to believe NCMIC is closing in on eight decades of serving the chiropractic profession. With 78 years of unwavering dedication to our colleagues, we have been there as the profession has grown and evolved—and what an honor for us to have a front-row seat.

From the very beginning, chiropractors established a reputation for helping others, making a difference, and doing the right thing, even when faced with enormous challenges. And because NCMIC was founded by DCs, those same values are essential to who we are as a company. It’s why we’re as dedicated to you as you are to your patients. Why we’re as tenacious about protecting your reputation as you are about establishing it. And it’s the reason we’re as intentional about giving back to the profession as you are about furthering it.

To us, giving back to the profession, to you, means many things:

It’s monetary, in the form of an annual dividend for the 28th consecutive year. That’s a total of $167.1 million back to our policyholders. And it’s the nearly $10 million we’ve given through the NCMIC Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to chiropractic research and education. In the past few years, the NCMIC Foundation has helped fund fellowships at Yale and Harvard for chiropractic research and public policy, as well as an Integrative Research Fellowship at the University of Minnesota, among other projects. Should you want to contribute your dividend to help support projects like these, we would be honored.

It's resources. Giving back means providing you with the resources, financial services, and additional insurance products you need to grow your practice. We offer all those things so you can get them from a company you can trust to truly understand chiropractic.

It’s support. Finally, giving back means supporting chiropractors where it really matters—working with associations, schools, and organizations to help further education. We’re especially proud to have awarded a total of $400,000 to chiropractic students to help with school and costs.

Why do we do it? Because we believe in the profession. We believe in our policyholders. And we believe, above all else, that We Take Care of Our Own.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your career and your profession. We’re grateful for you and all that you do for others.


Wayne C. Wolfson, D.C.
President, NCMIC

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