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NCMIC's Payment Gateway

A Powerful Tool for Your Practice

NCMIC's Payment Gateway

If you accept online payments, modern, versatile payment software can make all the difference in your busy practice. That's exactly what you get with NCMIC's payment gateway. Whether you refer to it as your cloud-based payment portal, virtual terminal or payment gateway, it delivers.

Payment Gateways – A Look Back

When payment gateways were first developed, they were basically a virtual terminal that only accepted payments. As businesses needed more functionality from their virtual terminals, developers expanded the capabilities and features offered.

This flexibility means payment gateways can now easily support many different industries, from mail order businesses to call centers and membership-based businesses, such as a gym or yoga studio. By having so many functions available in one place, businesses like your practice don’t have to piecemeal different software together and hope it integrates properly. 

NCMIC’s Gateway

At NCMIC, we understand the unique needs of DCs. To best serve our doctors, we offer a payment gateway that includes as many helpful functions as possible in an easy-to-use way. You’ll find the following features in NCMIC’s payment gateway:

  • Electronic invoice generator – Produce invoices and email them to your patients. You can tie the notices to your inventory system to subtract any items you are billing for from your inventory.
  • Inventory control – Automatically remove items from your practice inventory as they are sold. Tie inventory records to patient invoices and subtract inventory as you are billing for it.
  • Reporting – Access various reports from the premade options available. Or, use the custom report wizard to create your own report. You can also schedule reports. For example, if you need a weekly summary of all transactions, it can be emailed to you automatically.
  • Product database – Keep track of SKUs, generate bar codes and manage all of your products in one database.
  • Customer database – Easily store relevant patient information to track purchases. Add an unlimited number of names. Set up recurring billing options.
  • Hosted payment forms – Set up online payments quickly and securely.
  • Practice logo support – Make your invoices look professional when you upload your practice logo and include your return email address.
  • Fraud modules – Take advantage of several filters and tools in the payment gateway to protect your patients’ credit card data.
  • Credit card vault – Safely store patient credit card numbers.

Device Compatibility

Our gateway works on all touchscreens:

  • Apple
  • Android
  • Tablet
  • PC
  • Chromebook
  • Mac

Note: A compatible browser is required.

NCMIC Gives You More

Many payment gateways include similar features. At NCMIC, we worked hard to give our doctors even more.

No Transaction Fees

It’s common for many payment gateways to charge transaction fees. Some charge five cents per transaction, including each time you settle a batch. With NCMIC’s payment gateway, you may qualify for one flat rate with unlimited use.

Unlimited Users

NCMIC’s gateway allows you to have as many users in your practice as you’d like at no additional cost. Even if you have a large practice with several employees, there is no extra charge.

You determine the level of access each employee has from Administrator to Supervisor to Clerk. For example, if your accountant only needs to see certain reports, you can set those parameters. If you have a website developer who needs temporary access, you can delete the user profile or suspend it when they are done.

You can also see when each employee logged in to the gateway, which helps mitigate the risk of fraud and theft from within your practice. This level of control isn’t available with many other payment gateways.

Common Questions

We want you to get the most from NCMIC’s payment gateway. It helps to understand exactly how it can benefit you and your practice. Here are some frequent questions we get from DCs like you.

If I don’t accept online payments, how can the payment gateway benefit me?

Even if you only have face-to-face transactions at your practice, NCMIC’s payment gateway can support the features and functions of a countertop terminal.

From the terminal, you can print a receipt, get a card-present rate, and support multiple terminals. If you want more user management, you can log in and download reports. All the reporting is captured by the gateway to give you an extra level of functionality you wouldn’t have with just a standard countertop terminal.

How long does the payment gateway store my information?

All historical data is retained on a database. There are no plans to purge data at this point. (Most gateways will store information for at least 7 years.)

How is downtime prevented?  

We know downtime costs you and your practice money. That’s why the gateway has several backup servers in the U.S. and one abroad.

Is the gateway compatible with most shopping carts?

Absolutely! The payment gateway is compatible with over 70 shopping carts.

How does the payment gateway protect my business?

There are several fraud prevention filters and tools in place to help protect your patients’ card information. For example, programs are in place to verify the address of the cardholder, block potential threats, help prevent hackers from accessing your patients’ online payment information and more.

What if I need help or have questions?

We want to hear from you anytime you have questions. You can call our U.S.-based helpdesk at 800-437-0712. After 5:00 CT, call 866-872-3729.

Or, check out our helpful videos that walk you through creating custom reports, your customer database, electronic invoicing, adding new users and including your business logo.

NCMIC’s Payment Gateway is powered by USAePay. NCMIC and USAePay are separate companies, are not agents of one another, and have no authority to bind one another to financial or other contractual obligations.

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