When it comes to selecting malpractice insurance, NCMIC understands that the company behind the coverage is as important as the plan itself.

NCMIC's motto, "We Take Care of Our Own" is taken very seriously. D.C.s are the reason for our business, and all of our decisions are rooted in our desire to be here for you–and the profession–for years to come. NCMIC has the experience and financial stability to continue what we started in 1946. We are proud to be able to provide the following …

Over 70 Years of Experience

NCMIC opened its doors in 1946 specifically to offer malpractice insurance to Doctors of Chiropractic. All these decades later, it is still our primary focus. This long-term commitment to chiropractic malpractice insurance makes us better, having gained the invaluable knowledge needed to defend your reputation.

Financial Stability

You can count on NCMIC to be here when you need us. NCMIC has consistently earned an "A" (Excellent) rating from industry analyst A.M. Best for financial stability.

Support of Chiropractic Research

NCMIC has always supported chiropractic and plans to be here long into the future. It only makes sense we would be a staunch contributor to chiropractic research and why we have provided more than $14.8 million in support of chiropractic research and education since 1995.

Personalized Service in One Location

Our policyholders always know where to call when they have a question about billing, a claim or their policy. That's because everything regarding NCMIC's Malpractice Insurance Plan is handled in one place by dedicated staff who know chiropractic.

Premium Dividend

NCMIC is tremendously proud to have paid a premium dividend to policyholders each year since 1996. Since then, policyholders have received over $140 million. This is possible because of NCMIC's sound business decisions and financial strength, as well as our doctors' efforts to improve clinical expertise.

Examiner Subscription

NCMIC D.C.s look forward to receiving our free Examiner risk management publication. In fact, 95% of policyholders find the Examiner "Valuable." Each quarterly issue is filled with helpful information to help you avoid a malpractice allegation, including compelling case studies, current trends in malpractice and chiropractic issues.

Malpractice Insurance

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Industry Analyst A.M. Best ratings range from A++ to S. See www.ambest.com. Premium dividends are not guaranteed. 95% of survey respondents who review the Examiner indicated "Yes" when asked if they found its information valuable. The policyholder survey was conducted by Ward Group, the leading provider of benchmarking and best practices research studies for insurance companies. For more information about Ward Group, visit www.wardinc.com.

The NCMIC Malpractice Insurance Plan is underwritten by NCMIC Insurance Company. In the states of Florida and New York, the NCMIC Malpractice Insurance Plan is issued by NCMIC Risk Retention Group, Inc.

The terms and conditions of NCMIC's Malpractice Insurance Plan are fully explained in the policy. Policy features vary by state and may be subject to underwriting approval.