What does the policy cost?

When looking at price, there are several things to consider. It is important to look at the value you will receive for your policy dollar.

When it comes to protecting your reputation, you don't want to cut corners. Instead, you want the best malpractice insurance available. Moreover, it's important that you receive excellent service whether you're calling about a payment, policy details, a claim, or for advice about a troubling situation.

Protecting your good name

The value of your malpractice coverage becomes apparent if you become subject to a malpractice claim. Because the chiropractic profession is unique, it's important that your legal counsel and claims representatives understand chiropractic and are experienced in putting together a chiropractic defense. When your reputation is on the line, you want the best representation and coverage possible.

NCMIC Malpractice Insurance Plan Premium Discounts*

NCMIC offers several premium discounts to D.C.s, including our new practitioner discounts, which just got even bigger and now include 5th year D.C.s!

1st Year License 80% D.C.s in their first year of practice following initial licensure.
2nd Year License 60% D.C.s in their second year of practice.
3rd Year License 40% D.C.s in their third year of practice.
4th Year License 20% D.C.s in their fourth year of practice.
5th Year License 10% D.C.s in their fifth year of practice.
Risk Management 5% D.C.s who complete NCMIC-approved risk management seminars or online CEs. The discount will apply for 3 years.
Claims-free 3%-20% D.C.s covered by NCMIC for at least 3 years who have not had a claim filed against them. 
Part-time Up to 50%

Call an NCMIC client representative for details

If original licensure is obtained more than 18 months after graduation, discount eligibility may be affected. Please call for details. With the NCMIC policy, full-time D.C.s get a yearly 5% Risk Management discount for three consecutive policy years for completing qualifying programming. Seminar discounts earned up to 30 days after the policy renewal date will apply immediately; those earned 30+ days after the renewal date will apply at the next policy renewal date. Part-time D.C.s are eligible to receive half this discount.

There is no substitute for experience

It's important to look for experience defending chiropractors and in-depth expertise on the subject of chiropractic malpractice. The support of a professional claims staff means you may be able to receive guidance even before you face a claim.

In addition, your coverage will provide a better value if it includes broad scope of practice coverage, a true consent-to-settle provision, and supplemental coverages such as professional discipline and other governmental proceedings at no additional charge.

On-going customer service support is vital

One of the things you're paying for in a malpractice policy is service. It can make your life easier to call one place whether you're calling about your policy, a claim or simply have general questions.

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